Who am I?

Hi, I’m  Adrien, a 35 years old Feng Shui practitioner from Singapore.
By practitioner I mean I practice Feng Shui in my house, office on myself and my family.
I have studied Feng Shui for at least five years.

What else do I do?

I am also an IT engineer. I have in my IT career been able to work with HP UX, HP MCSG, Veritas NetBackup, HP Data Protector, HP XP storage, HP EVA storage, HP C7000 Blade servers, Red Hat Enterprise, NetApp 7-mode, NetApp C-mode, EMC VNX, EMC VMax, EMC Isilion… etc. The list is very long. Basically I started as a HP UX administrator then progressed to a backup engineer before becoming a storage engineer and finally leading that APJ region for storage in a large FSI company. Now, I’m with a local startup developing the future of backup with cloud technology.