Simple Feng Shui (Part 3) – Get rid of Negative Qi

Feng Shui is about creating positive Qi, allowing the Qi to follow smoothly in, out and around the entire house. Stagnant Qi is considered Negative Qi which should be removed. In order for Qi to flow, we need to get rid of things that will block the flow of Qi in the house. Clutter is the number one obstacle that blocks the flow of Qi. Before we even think of doing any Feng Shui, we must clear the clutter in our houses. There is no point doing Feng Shui, placing crystals, activating wealth sectors if clutter in the house blocks the flow of Qi.

Clear the clutter

Clutter is a simple word. What we are talking about here is not just the clutter of dirty clothes on the sofa. We are talking about clutter in every room and every cupboard of the house. A wardrobe with clean clothes pile in a huge mess even though not visible when the door is closed is still considered clutter. Piles of old magazines in the garage collecting dust is clutter.

Clearing out clutter means giving or throwing away unwanted items. Packing all the personal items in a neat manner. Clothes that need pressing should be done before hanging them in the cupboard. Cups should be washed after use and placed neatly on a tray. Plates after washing should be stacked orderly in the kitchen cabinet. Knives should be sharpen and placed safely in the rack.

Shoes must not clutter the doorway and should not be worn into the house. Talk off your shoes at the door and place them in the shoe cabinet.  Make sure that your walls, ceiling and windows do not have cob webs. Many people like to hang paintings. Make sure that the paintings are not collecting dust. Basically, keep your home clean and neat. All those cables for the Hi-Fi systems and internet routers need to be cleaned as well.

Collection of dust and dirt will emit negative Qi from within the house. Dust and dirty is also not good for ones health. So keeping the house neat and clean is not only good Feng Shui but common health practice.

Steps to clear the clutter

Steps to clear clutter from your home.

  1. Clear away all physical items that are unwanted or have not used for at least a year
  2. Clear out old clothes, kitchen wares, bags and shoes
  3. Clear out the store room, attic or garage
  4. Clear all other unwanted items
  5. Pack all other things in a neat and orderly manner
  6. Clean up all the cob webs and dusty on any surface
  7. Do a weekly clean up of all the floor area and a monthly clean up of all exposed surface

Plug the Leaking, Fix the Broken

The other issues around the house that will create negative Qi are leaking pipes and broken furniture or items.

If a display ornament is broken, get rid of it. If a pipe is leaking, get it plugged. If a light bulb has blown out, replace it. If a piece of furniture is broken, get it fixed.

Items in the house that are broken emits negative Qi. If you have no use for them, it is best to get rid of it. Do not give broken items away. Just as no one wants to receive a broken item as a gift. don’t give your broken items to others. Just throw the items away.

Once you are able to clear the clutter in your home, you can start implementing Feng Shui.