Simple Feng Shui (Part 4) – Academia Feng Shui

Academia Feng Shui also known as Wen Chang Feng Shui is about activating the Qi that helps to keep the mind alert and active from young till old. Academia Feng Shui may affect one’s intelligence, eyesight, brain alertness, perception of things, memory, concentration, motivation, ability to develop wisdom, ability to acquire knowledge and creativity.

How can Academia Feng Shui Help?

Academia Feng Shui helps one through their growing years as it helps in enabling their full academic potential. Good Academia Feng Shui helps students to do well in school but not just restricted to academic success. It is during these growing years that their perception and development will shape who they become. Good Academia Feng Shui will help them to develop good wisdom and acquire knowledge that will help them throughout their entire life.

Academia Feng Shui is also for every adult. Academia Feng Shui affects the mind, our perception of things, concentration, motivation and creativity. Adults will need good Academia Feng Shui to have the clarity of mind and good perception of things. As well as creative and the ability to think out of the box to resolve issues. The effects of good Academia Feng Shui for an adult are boundless.

Good Academia Feng Shui can help one in getting a promotion or ace job interviews. Have more creative and innovative ideas for businesses. Make better investment decisions and wiser business decisions to ensure profitability of the investments or businesses.

Activate the Academia Feng Shui Sector

The Academia Feng Shui sector of the house is what governs the Academia Feng Shui of the house. There are three ways to activate the Academia Feng Shui of a house or a room.

Types Characteristics Location
Door Facing Permanent Living Room
Annual Changes every year Living room or individual’s room
Zodiac Permanent Living room or individual’s room

Door Facing

This Feng Shui sector will benefit everyone that resides in the house.

To locate the Academia Feng Shui sector using the main door.

  1. Get the facing direction of the main door.
  2. Check the table below for the location of the Academia Feng Shui Sector against the door facing.
  3. Use the small TaiJi of the Living Room to locate the sector on the floor plan.
  4. Activate using methods in the later part of this article.
Main door facing Academia Feng Shui Sector
South Northeast
North South
West Northwest
East Southwest
Northwest Southwest
Southeast East
Southwest North
Northeast West


This Feng Shui Sector will benefit everyone living in the house when activated in the Living Room or only the occupants of the Bedroom if activated in individual rooms. This sector changes every year.

To find the annual Academia Feng Shui sector, use the table below and correspond the sector to the small TaiJi of the Living Room or Bedroom that you are activating the Academia Feng Shui.

Year Sector
2017 Northeast
2018 South
2019 East
2020 Southwest



This Feng Shui sector only benefits the person that matches the sector. If activating in the room, the occupants of the room must match the zodiac sector in order to benefit from activating the sector.

To find the Academia Feng Shui sector using the zodiac signs, see the table below and correspond the sector to the small TaiJi of the Living Room or Bedroom that you are activating the Academia Feng Shui.

Zodiac Sector
Pig, Rat, Ox East
Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon South
Snake, Horse, Goat West
Monkey, Rooster, Dog North


Ways to activate the sector

Sit in the location

Place your study desk at the Academia Feng Shui sector so that whenever one is working or studying, you will be in the Academia Feng Shui sector. You should be seated in that sector not facing that sector. You can be in any part of the sector, does not necessarily have to be against the wall or at a corner.

Placing auspicious items

Place auspicious items at the Academia sector to activate the Academia Feng Shui.

Items that you can place are:

  1. 9-Levels pagoda (Write the person’s name on the base layer of the pagoda).
  2. Dragon fish symbol.
  3. 4 live bamboos.
  4. Lapis Lazuli crystal.
  5. Dragon Seal.

You can also place these items on the study desk or room.

Alternative method

If there is no way to activate any of the mentioned Academia Feng Shui sector in the house that you are residing in, then you can still activate your personal Feng Shui by carrying a piece of Lapis Lazuli with you.