Simple Feng Shui (Part 5) – Prosperity Feng Shui

Most people upon hearing prosperity will immediately think that it is all about money.  Prosperity has always been linked with money, different people will have different ways of getting money. For most, it would be a better job while others it may be more sales. Everyone has a different way of making money, of being prosperous. When we apply prosperity Feng Shui, we are usually applying Feng Shui to the career sector. In Feng Shui, winning the lottery is not part of prosperity Feng Shui.

Activating the Prosperity Sector

There are two ways of activating one’s prosperity Feng Shui.

Types Characteristics Location
Annual Changes every year Living room or individual’s room
Zodiac Permanent Use the Big Tai Ji of the entire house or the small Taiji of the individual’s room


This Feng Shui Sector will benefit everyone living in the house when activated in the Living Room or only the occupants of the Bedroom if activated in individual rooms. This sector changes every year.

To find the Prosperity Feng Shui sector using the year see the table below and correspond the sector to the small Taiji of the Living Room or Bedroom that you are activating the Prosperity Feng Shui.

Year Sector
2017 Northeast
2018 South
2019 North
2020 Southwest


This Feng Shui sector only benefits the person that is matching the sector. If activating in the room, the occupants of the room must match the zodiac sector in order to benefit from activating the sector or better still. The occupants should sleep in the room that is in the Prosperity Sector.

To find the Prosperity Feng Shui sector using the zodiac sign, see the table below and correspond the sector to the Big Tai Ji of the entire house or the small Taiji of the Bedroom that you are activating the Scholarly Feng Shui.

Zodiac Sector
Rat East
Ox, Dragon North-East
Tiger North-West
Rabbit, Pig South-East
Horse South
Snake, Goat, Dog South-West
Rooster West
Monkey North
Dog South-West

Ways to activate the sector

Sleep in the location

Sleep in the location where your Prosperity sector is in. If it cannot be based on the entire house’s big Tai Ji then sleep in the Prosperity sector of the bedroom you are in. Sleeping in that location will increase the Prosperity chi flow within you.

Placing auspicious items

Place auspicious items in the Prosperity sector to activate the Prosperity Feng Shui. Items that you can place are:

  1. A pair of Pixiu facing out the door to bring in wealth.
  2. A dragon seal for power and authority.
  3. Dragonfish symbol for smooth progression.
  4. A ship’s wheel for control.
  5. A pot of green leafy plant (leaves should be big and round) for growth.
  6. A large painting of mountains and waterfall (water must be flowing inwards) for abundance.
  7. A chloride garden or rose quartz sphere shaped crystal.

Alternative method

If there is no way to activate any of the mention Prosperity Feng Shui sector in the house that you are residing in, then you can still activate your personal Feng Shui by carrying a piece of rose quartz or chloride garden crystal with you.

Some Dos and Do Nots of Prosperity Feng Shui


  • Sit with your back against a solid wall.
  • Make sure the right and left sides of your desk are of equal height.
  • Organise your work desk and keep it clean at all times.

Do Nots

  • Place cactus plants on your office table.
  • Sit right in front of a door.
  • Sit underneath a beam or support structure.
  • Have a sharp corner directly behind or in front of you.