Simple Feng Shui (Part 6) – Patron Feng Shui

Patron Feng Shui is about having good social relationships and network. Having a harmonious relationship with your bosses, your clients and your subordinates. Even very good relationship with your peers and friends. Patron Feng Shui enhances your likability and gives you patron support when you truly need it.

Finding the Patron Feng Shui Sector

There are two ways of finding one’s Patron Feng Shui Sector.

Types Characteristics Location
Year of birth Permanent Living room or individual’s room
Zodiac Permanent Living room or individual’s room

Year of birth

This Feng Shui Sector will only benefit the persons that have the correct year of birth that corresponds to the sector. You can activate either the living room or individual’s room using the direction given.

To find the Patron Feng Shui sector, you need to have the year of your birth based upon the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Correspond the last digit from your year of birth to the table below. Check to confirm the correct gender and activate the sector stated in the table.

Last digit of birth year Male Sector Female Sector
0, 4, 8 Northeast Southwest, South
5, 9 North Southwest
1 South Northeast
6, 7 Northwest West
2, 3 East Southeast


This Feng Shui sector only benefits the person who’s zodiac sign matches the sector. If activating in the room, the occupants of the room must match the zodiac sector in order to benefit from activating the sector.

To find the Patron Feng Shui sector using the zodiac sign, see the table below and correspond the sector to the Big Tai Ji of the entire house or the small taiji of the Bedroom that you are activating the Patron Feng Shui.

Zodiac Sector
Rat, Monkey, Dragon West
Pig, Rabbit, Goat North
Snake, Ox, Rooster South
Tiger, Horse, Dog East

Ways to activate the sector

Placing auspicious items

Place auspicious items at the Patron sector to activate the Patron Feng Shui. Items that you can place are

  1. A dragon seal.
  2. A dragon fish.
  3. A sphere rose quartz crystal (preferably with star lines)..

Alternative method

If there is no way to activate any of the mention Patron Feng Shui sector in the house that you are residing in, then you can still activate your personal Feng Shui by carrying a piece of rose quartz or Tridacna with you. The Tridacna is extremely rare now as the Chinese government had banned the harvasting, sales and even display in China.

You can also seat with your back against a solid wall with working at your desk or study table. A solid wall supports you from the back and guards against insecurity.

Some Do nots of Patron Feng Shui

Have sharp plants in your Patron sector

  • Prone to sabotage.
  • Offend others without knowing.

Place twisted plants in the Patron sector

  • Will not have a peaceful life in general.
  • Entangled in multi parties arguments especially at home with relatives and sibilings.

Seated at the desk with your back to the window

  • Always betrayed.
  • Lack of security.

Seated under a support beam

  • Always bullied.
  • Blamed of mistakes of others.
  • Prone to being backstabbed.

Displaying of swords and blades at home or in the office

  • Destroys family or colleagues harmony.
  • Having very emotional and extreme thoughts.

Displaying animal horns and taxidermies

  • Friends that always have a motive being with you.
  • No true friends or confidant.

Displaying predator pictures and paintings

  • Attracts lawsuits.
  • Attracts swindlers.

Displaying pictures and painting with nudity

  • Friends are either of bad influence or are constantly in need of your help

Displaying violent pictures

  • Attract people with weird behaviour or extreme thoughts.