Simple Feng Shui (Part 8) – Relationships and Marriage Feng Shui

Are you looking to find the special someone to spend you life with? Or looking to improve and enhance a marriage that is becoming mediocre? Let our relationship and marriage Feng Shui help you to your love life whether you are single or married.

Lets look at all the taboos to avoid

Bedroom clutter free
Clutter blocks the follow of Qi. Any stagnant Qi is negative, so make sure your bedroom is cleared of clutter.

Avoid mirrors or reflective surface that reflect the bed directly
Mirrors reflect Qi on to the bed, whether good or bad Qi. Any additional Qi on the bed will result is an unpleasant sleep.
Mirrors also symbolise 3rd parties in the bedroom. The person closes to the mirror is more likely to have an affair.
Best to cover any mirror that is reflecting directly on the bed.

Toilets with more than one door
A toilet is where we wash up and have all the negativity and dirty wash away. With 2 or more doors, instead of washing away negative Qi, the Qi escapes out the other door and stays within the house. This results is one enjoying night life and prefers to stay out.
If there are more than 1 door in a toilet, seal up and lock all other doors and fix to using just one door to enter and exit.

Storage bed frames
A bed should be used for activities that relates to the bedroom. Sleeping and intimate time with your partner. It should not be used for storing items like a store room. While it is common and sensible to use the wasted space under the bed for storage, this will result in lots of arguments between couples as the do not see eye to eye on many issues. If metal objects are stored under the bed, this will result is metal cutting through the couple’s relationship which can end up in divorce.
If the use of a storage frame is a must then keep it for storing of bedding items.

Do not display empty vases
Vases are beautiful, and when filled with flowers and a very nice decorative display. However, empty vases symbolises that the flowers have withered. Displaying empty vases will invite unhealthily relationships.
You should always keep your empty vases in the storage room and always keep then upside down.

Do no display empty fish tank
Similar to empty vases, empty fish tanks should be kept away. Do not use them as a storage bucket that is left in plain sight. Keep then away as these will also invite unhealthy relationships.

Door facing bed
This is not always avoidable. Door facing the bed will cause Qi to clash with the couple sleeping on the bed. Expect a lot of arguments as the one sleeping closest to the door will be easily agitated. To neutralise the effect of the Sha Qi coming from the door, fix a door curtain from floor to ceiling or hang 5 ancient coins at the door frame.

Enhancing the Relationship and Marriage Sector

For Relationship and Marriage sectors, we recommend using the sectors in the bedroom. Get the Taiji of the room that you sleep in and use the tables below to find the annual relationship sector or the fixed relationship sector.

Annual Sector

Year Sector
2018 North West
2019 West
2020 North East

Fixed Sector
Based on the room door facing.

Door Facing Sector
South West
North East
West North
North West North
South East South
East South
South West West
North East West

To enhance the sector you can place the following items.

  1. Rose Quartz Sphere
  2. Tridacna Sphere
  3. Metal Rooster

Remember to clean the Feng Shui items regularly so that is does not collect dust. Dust will generate negative Qi.