Simple Feng Shui Techniques (Part 1) – Introduction

Simple Feng Shui is a set of Feng Shui techniques that are simple and easy to implement. With the many different schools of Feng Shui studies and generally all the classics being written in Chinese, Feng Shui can be a very complex and confusing subject to understand. In this modern day and age no one has the time to do deep studies into Feng Shui not forgetting the need to first understand Chinese and the thousands of characters in the language. Simple Feng Shui is a collection of simple techniques from the classics that will get you the results that you are looking for while still keeping it simple so that a layperson can understand and implement.


In the very beginning, Feng Shui consisted of only the concept of Yin and Yang, the five elements and the earlier Heaven and later Heaven Trigrams. Feng Shui has always been built upon these three concepts. Doesn’t matter which school of Feng Shui one comes from. The core basic is still these three concepts.


What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui began as an astrological study for burial grounds. The better the Feng Shui of the burial grounds, the better the lives of the descendants. Slowly, people began to realise that Feng Shui can be used not only for burial grounds but also for homes, businesses and daily lives. Many well to do individuals sort the help of Feng Shui Masters to improve their wealth. During the ancient times, Feng Shui techniques and studies were a highly guarded knowledge that was passed down only within the lineage of the Masters. Most of these Masters were prohibited from sharing their knowledge to the layperson. They were only allowed to share the privileges of Feng Shui with the imperial court and the rich and famous.

That was so until the last dynasty of China (Qing Dynasty) collapsed. After the fall of the Qing dynasty, many Feng Shui Master started teaching Feng Shui to common person that has interest in the subject. This, however, did not last long. Then came the Cultural Revolution where Feng Shui practice was regarded as a superstitious belief and banned. Feng Shui masters were prosecuted and many left the country for Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. That is why most Feng Shui Masters today come from one of these four countries. Of the four countries listed, you will also notice that three are part of the four “Dragons” in the Asian economy. A point for naysayers to ponder upon.

Feng Shui and Religion

Feng Shui is an ancient study of Qi (energy), its flow and how certain landforms, objects and items will affect it and change it from positive to negative and vice versa. During the same time and till today, the belief in Chinese pagan religion is also very strong within the Chinese community. As such, some Feng Shui practitioners will use statues of Chinese pagan deities as a symbol to generate positive Qi.

The whole idea of using Chinese pagan deity statues is not because of religion but because of the energy that the item symbolizes. Here are a few examples:

When one sees a :

Buddha statue – Peace, calm, compassion and kindness comes to mind
Kuan Gong (God of war) – Righteousness, courage and bravery comes to mind

Jesus on a cross – Love, sacrifice and saviour comes to mind (even though not a Chinese pagan deity there is still a universal energy that Jesus emits whether one is a Christian or not)

It is the energy that the deities represent that is used in the Feng Shui cure, not the religious aspect. But in Simple Feng Shui, we will not be using any images of Chinese deities as it may be repulsive to non-believers.

What if you consulted a Feng Shui Master and he/she recommends that you use a symbol of a Chinese deity? Just tell him/her that you are not comfortable with an image of other religion in your home and ask him/her to provide you with another solution.


Feng Shui and Crystals

Crystals are a relatively new addition to Feng Shui solutions. If one studies Chinese history, one would realize that the Chinese like to use jade, tridacna and mother of pearl. Seldom will there be any mention of other forms of crystals being used in the Chinese history. In fact, the gemstones market in China has only started picking up pace in the recent few decades.

But the many positive properties of crystals and its energy has been well known for a long time. There are many different crystals in the market and each type of crystal emits its own unique kind of energy. Modern practitioners have been able to make use of the positive energies of the crystals in Feng Shui solutions just like how some Feng Shui practitioners use images and statues of Chinese deities.

Simple Feng Shui will use some crystals in our solutions. Why some and not all? All crystals emit positive energy of a different kind but there are some crystals that will also emit negative energy at the same time. For Feng Shui use, we only want positive energy hence the selection of only a handful of crystals for use with our techniques.


Feng Shui We Advocate

There are many Feng Shui schools around and all have different techniques and implementation formats. There are also the classic texts like the I-Ching (book of change) which writes a lot about how one thing can affect another and how doing “A” may change the outcome of “B”. Just to name a few schools of Feng Shui, the Eight Mansion, Flying Star, Zi Wei Dou Shu, Ta Liu Ren, San Yuan, San He.. etc. To fully master any one of all these schools, one must first be well acquainted with the Chinese language and the Chinese characters.

In our modern times, most people do not have that kind of time. The general population just want to use Feng Shui to help them without spending all the time an effort. So it is best to leave the technical studies to those who have interest in Feng Shui. The Feng Shui that we advocate is one that is simple to understand, easy to implement and still get you the result that is wanted. We gather the teachings of the different schools of Feng Shui. Analyse what are the common issues that everyone will face on a daily basis and then find the easiest and simplest solution from the teachings of these schools.

What we advocate is Feng Shui that gets results and is simple to implement.


Something Important

In Feng Shui the most important principle to have is the absences of doubt. There is no need for one to believe that the Feng Shui solution will work for it to actually work. But there needs to be no doubt that it will work. Just be neutral in your thoughts, your actions and what you say. Make sure that there is not even the slightest bit of doubt when applying the recommended Feng Shui solution and results will start happening. Doubt will not stop the solution from giving positive Qi or work its purpose but doubt will reduce the effect or delay the result.

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