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Hi, and welcome to my blog on 风水 (fengshui) and destiny reading. I have been studying, researching and practising Feng Shui for several years. As Feng Shui is a very far and wide reaching subject, the learning and research never stop. I will be writing about the many different practices of Feng Shui and how I have applied Feng Shui to assist me in my daily life.


The Five Naturally Occurring Elements


Feng Shui has always been linked to the Chinese Taoist religious belief but in actual fact. Feng Shui is non-religious and is not linked to any religion. We do however see that several religious items or artefacts do have the ability to be used as a Feng Shui cure. This is possible not because of the religious inclination but because the Qi or energy that the particular religious item represents. It is the same energy that is needed for the Feng Shui cure. There are of course others ways to implement the Feng Shui cure should you be uncomfortable with the use of religious items.

Feng Shui at the end is all about creating a soothing environment for oneself with good Qi flow to promote one's well being.



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